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How To Payment

You can Pay through Your PayPal Account.

PayPal Accept Credit Cards,Debit Cards,Bank Transfers quickly and easily.
You can pay with your credit card or Debit Card without having a PayPal account,when confirm the order, Our site will direct you to the PayPal payment page,You can type in your Credit Card and Billing Information on the left side and pay directly through Credit Card without Creating a PayPal account nor sharing your financial information with us,Totally safe.


1.  Shopping and Add the products to Cart.
2.  View Shopping Cart,and Go to Checkout or Back to Shopping,and modify the product Qty,If you don't purchase,You can delete item. 
 For Example: Add Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 and Office 2010 Standard Plus products to cart.
1.  If you are our member,Please type your email and password,Then click Log in.If you has login before,that will skip this step and direct you to Checkout Shipping page. 
2.  If you have not Insoftwarekey's member,Please register here. 
3.  If you are our member and forget the password,Please click forget your password,And type your email,Then your email account will recevied new password and Login.
1.  For Software CD Key Delivery information,We need your name, email address,Country enable us to process orders, improve our site, and provide better services and ship your order by mail. 
2. The billing address, shipping address,telephone informatioon don't need fill detail.So you can skip this step and click continue checkout directly.
1.  If you have discount coupon,Please type in the Redemtion Code. 
2. Please confirm the payment information,Now Our Store only accept PayPal and PayPal's credit card,JCB,American Express,Giropay,Express Checkout payments. 
3. The Payment method don't to choose,The Payment method is default PayPal. 
4. Confirm Payment and click contiune checkoout.
1.  Please confirm the order and click confirm the order button.
1.  When you confirm the order,Our site will direct you to the PayPal payment page. 
2. Please hold on,Then will display the PayPal's payment page,Billing Information on the left side. 
3. You can pay with PayPal than if you have PayPal account.If you don't have PayPal account,You can Pay directly through Credit Card or Debit Card. Please click Create a PayPal account or Don't have a PayPal account Link.Then the Credit Card or Debit Card will display on the left side. 
4. Pay with PayPal's Credit Card or Debit Cart nor sharing your financial information with us,Totally safe. 
5. When you Pay successfully,Our Sales Center will process the order within 4 hours.In office time usually need 15-30 minutes to process the order.